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If you provide voluntary care for a person, you are entitled to compensation for necessary expenses. You can request an advance. The care court shall determine the reimbursement of expenses at your request. Attention: If the person in care is penniless, you can request compensation from the national treasury. Note: If the person in charge is not penniless and your responsibilities also include asset care, you can take the reimbursement directly from income or assets. The necessary expenses include, for example, Travel expenses Parking Postage Charges Photocopying costs You can settle the expenses individually or via a flat-rate allowance of currently 399.00 euros per year. The flat-rate compensation is granted regardless of your actual expenses. For individual settlement, you must prove the expenses by presenting documents. Note: If you have a guardianship within your family, you are also entitled to reimbursement of expenses.

List of expenses for individual settlements (with documents)

Professional carers are employed when voluntary care is not possible. You are entitled to compensation. The amount of the remuneration is governed by the Guardian and Caregiver Remuneration Act. Compensation also covers expenses incurred. Tip: A caregiver can also make mistakes in the way they carry out their care. As a professional supervisor, you should take out liability insurance.
You make the application informally to the competent authority. If you do not apply for a flat-rate reimbursement of expenses, you must submit the statement of expenses to the care court in writing. This determines the amount to be paid out.

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