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Construction work often represents interventions in nature and landscape. This is particularly the case if they change the shape or use of base areas and thereby significantly impair the performance and functioning of the natural household or the landscape (Section 14 (1) of the Federal Nature Conservation Act - BNatSchG). The perpetrators of an intervention are obliged to: avoid avoidable damage to nature and landscape, and compensate for unavoidable impairments with nature conservation and landscape conservation measures (compensation measures) or replace them (replacement measures). However, this does not apply to projects that are within the scope of a development plan (Section 18(2) Of the BNatSchG). For this reason, the intervention regulation according to the BNatSchG must already be taken into account in the planning of the building and, for example, for the sealing of open spaces in favour of residential or commercial buildings elsewhere, an ecological compensation must be created. The master plan shall show and evaluate the expected interventions in nature and landscape. As a rule, it is necessary to establish compensatory and replacement measures in order to compensate for the interventions in nature and landscape. Compensatory measures may include, for example, the planting/sowing of woods, herbs and grasses, the restoration of still and flowing waters or measures for groundwater enrichment. Where such compensatory measures are not fixed on the land on which nature and landscape are to be expected, but elsewhere, the municipality shall take them instead and at the expense of the promoters or the owners of the land. and also provide the necessary areas, unless this is otherwise secured (Section 135a (2) BauGB). In this case, a cost refund shall be charged to cover the costs incurred in implementing the measures. The eligible expenses are determined on the back of the actual costs incurred. The eligible expense includes the costs of the acquisition and use of the land and the freeing of the land for the compensatory measure; the compensatory measure, including its planning, completion and development care. The recoverable expense is distributed among the land to which the compensatory measure is allocated.


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