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Do you discharge wastewater into a body of water? Then you have to pay a levy to the respective federal state. For this purpose, you should submit the declarations (forms) required for the assessment of the levy to the responsible office.

In Germany, a wastewater tax is levied on the discharge of wastewater (sewage and stormwater) into surface waters or groundwater on the basis of federal and supplementary state law. The wastewater levy is collected by the individual states.

Required documentation varies depending on the discharge requirement for wastewater and/or stormwater.

Possible required documents for wastewater:

  • Levy declaration for small dischargers
  • Declaration of monitoring values
  • Declaration of lower monitoring values as well as the resulting measurement results
  • For industrial dischargers: application for deduction of pre-pollution

Possible required documents for precipitation water:

  • Declaration of discharge for precipitation water

The designation and execution of the individual forms differs in the individual federal states. In general terms, there are the following declarations/forms.

  • Declaration for precipitation water
  • Declaration for small dischargers
  • Declaration of monitoring values (§ 6 Abs. 1 AbwAG)
  • Declaration of lower monitoring values (§ 4 Abs. 5 AbwAG)
  • For industrial dischargers: Application for deduction of pre-pollution (§ 4 Abs. 3 AbwAG)
  • If applicable, link to aforementioned forms: Federal state specific
  • Online procedure possible: State-specific


Anyone who discharges wastewater into a body of water is liable for the levy.

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