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Plant protection products are intended to protect plant products and plants, in particular crops (such as arable farming, viticulture or fruit growing) from harmful organisms and other adverse effects. Plant protection products should be used in such a way as to minimise the risks of harmful effects on human health and the environment.
Plant protection products may only be used on open-air land if they are used for agriculture, forestry or horticultural purposes. However, they may not be used in or directly in above-ground and coastal waters.

Advice on plant protection is subject to notification if it is intended as a commercial or other economic activity.

Attention: This notice does not replace the commercial licence of the Labour Inspectorate for the placing on the market of toxic and very toxic plant protection products or substances labelled with the hazard symbol GHS 06 (dead head) under the new Hazardous Substances Ordinance 2010.

Changes to the conditions indicated must also be notified to the competent authority without delay.

Note: If you want to use pesticides for others or trade in pesticides, you must also indicate this.

  • Name and address of the holding and the farmer or manager
  • Name, address and proof of the necessary technical knowledge and skills (certificate of expertise) of persons advising others on the use of plant protection products


Only persons with a valid certificate of expertise may provide advice to others on the use of plant protection products.

Proof of expertise for advice on plant protection is as:

  • Certificate of a passed final examination in the professions:
    • Farmer
    • Forester
    • Gardener
    • Winegrowers
  • Certificate of a degree in higher education or technical college studies in the field of agricultural, horticultural or forestry sciences as well as viticulture
  • Plant protection laboratory technician, agricultural and technical assistant, agricultural laboratory technician, agricultural service specialist, pest controller,
    (at the start of training before 14.02.2012)
  • Specialist agricultural economist, certified pest controller,
    (at the start of training before 14.02.2012, thereafter a separate certificate of the training institution is required.)
  • Certificate of a passed examination of expertise in accordance with Section 1 (1) of the Plant Protection Expertise Ordinance at the Audit Committee of the competent authority
  • Recognition of qualifications from other Member States

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Before you start advising others on the use of plant protection products, submit the completed advertisement by submitting all necessary documents to the Giessen Government Office - Department of Plant Protection Service.

The Governing Board checks the completeness and correctness of the advertisement and, if necessary, requests missing or incorrect documents.

If you have any questions about the course of the notification procedure, you can also contact the Governing Board.

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