Request recognition of test sites for flow measurement devices and throttle devices Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Flow measurement facilities at wastewater treatment plants and wastewater transfer stations, as well as throttle organs at rain overflows and rain overflow basins require regular maintenance and control. In Hesse, regular inspections by state or recognised inspection bodies are required. These testing bodies are responsible for carrying out inspections and tests requiring special qualifications, knowledge and experience in the field of hydraulics and hydrometry. In addition, these testing centres must be able to use hydrometric devices which go far beyond the usual equipment of an engineering firm or operator. The recognition of an inspection body must be requested. Equivalent recognitions of other Länder and other member states of the European Union or of a contracting state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area are recognised in Hesse. The determination of equivalence shall be made by the recognition authority in consultation with one of the State audit bodies on request.

Application form with the following documents: technical opinion of the State Audit Office Undertakings Proof of the existence of the necessary liability insurance In order to examine the equivalence of recognitions of other Länder or MEMBER States of the EU, the application must be attached to: Approvals and qualified submissions from the specialized authorities of other countries or other institutions which allow an assessment of equivalence with regard to compliance with the relevant test criteria.

An application form is included in the HLNUG's "Information Sheet on the Recognition Procedure - Testing Centres for Flow Measuring Devices and Throttle Devices" (D 1.10)

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Inspection bodies must be recognised if: a professionally appropriate and experienced person is entrusted with the management of the inspection body and is responsible for carrying out the tests, they have sufficiently qualified and reliable staff, they are equipped in such a way that a comprehensive inspection of the flow measuring devices and throttle organs is possible, they provide proof of the existence of liability insurance for the activity of a control body for flow measuring devices and throttle organs with a minimum coverage amount of EUR 1,000,000.00, provided by a bank or insurance company from a Member State of the European Union, a contracting state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland. State audit bodies and recognised audit bodies shall train and train the staff of the audit body responsible for carrying out the audits for the activities envisaged on the basis of an internal approach, as well as a quality manual. You must participate in the training courses aligned with the test centres. Inspection bodies may not inspect the installations they themselves have planned, set up or operated Note: Recognition shall be limited and may be limited to certain examinations and examinations. It may contain ancillary provisions. Recognition may be withdrawn or revoked under certain conditions.

Changes in recognition requirements during the recognition period Changes to the conditions essential for recognition shall be notified to the recognition authority without delay in writing. These include in particular: the transfer of the inspection body to another holder personnel changes with regard to the inspection agency management or its representation Elimination or modification of essential equipment Name changes. The recognition authority shall verify that the conditions for recognition remain met. The result of this test shall then be communicated to the inspection body. Withdrawal or revocation of recognition In the event of evidence of serious qualitative deficiencies of the inspection body, recognition may be revoked or subsequently limited to certain tests if: requirements are not met, conditions imposed by the audit body in the recognition notice do not meet the requirements, the inspection body deceives the authority, the inspection body does not carry out the technical assessment of the installations properly
In order to assess your application, a technical opinion by a state audit body is required in advance. The technical opinion should not be older than 2 years when applying. The technical opinion shall be attached to the application for recognition. Comprehensive information can be found in the HLUG's "Information Sheet on the Recognition Procedure - Testing Points for Flow Measuring Devices and Throttle Devices" (D 1.10). The HLUG informs you about the completeness of the submitted documents within one month. If all the conditions are met, recognition will be granted. It is usually limited to 5 years and may be renewed for 5 years on request. The Hessian State Office for The Environment and Geology (HLUG) publishes a list of recognised testing bodies in Hesse on its website.

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