Apply for exemption from the dog tax

If you depend on a dog because of your disability, you are usually exempt from the dog tax. However, the conditions are different in each municipality. Exemption or reduction often depends on whether the disabled person is dependent on the accompaniment of a dog, for example because he is blind or deaf.

In most Hessian municipalities, a tax exemption is currently granted in accordance with the model statutes of the Hessian City Council and the Hessian Association of Towns and Municipalities. This applies to guide dogs as well as to "dogs trained to serve exclusively for the protection and therapy of persons within the meaning of the severely disabled right", but in some cases only for guide dogs.

  • Copy of the severely disabled card
  • in the case of commercial dog keeping, in addition: commercial register extract of the company

Act on Municipal Taxes (CISA) in conjunction with the respective statutes of the municipality

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The request may be made in writing or orally. If available, appropriate application forms can be used.

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