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If you want to carry out work on the manufacture, modification, repair and maintenance of electrical, gas and water supply systems, you must register in the installer's directory of the respective utility. Entry in the installer directory may be limited in time. You will be issued with an ID card for registration.

With the application must be submitted: Application for the conclusion of the contract, list of tools, measuring instruments and technical requirements for contract installers, Craft card, Proof of business registration, Certificate of competency (master's certificate or engineering certificate), Proof of company/liability insurance, certificates of participation in an up-to-date training course, if applicable.

The application for the conclusion of an installer contract (gas and water) or for entry in the installer directory (electrical) is available from the local utility or network operator.

Completed master's training or completed engineering training (bachelor, master, diploma) in a field corresponding to the trade or separate proof of expertise Registration in the craft role Business registration Operating/liability insurance Proof of the necessary tools, measuring instruments and technical regulations

If an employee is to be entered in the installer's register and perform the task of the responsible specialist for the company, the employment contract must also be submitted for the employee. In addition, the worker must be entered in the craft role.
In the case of gas and water, the entry in an installer's register is always based on the conclusion of an installer contract and, in the case of electricity, on the application for entry in the installer's directory. This is usually always done at the network operator at the registered office of the standing trade.

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