Construction projects in redevelopment areas: Apply for approval Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In order to ensure that no actual or legal changes take place during an urban redevelopment which may have an aggravating effect on the redevelopment process, certain measures in a formally defined redevelopment area are subject to a Approval reservation. It requires the written approval of the municipality the construction, modification, conversion or disposal of buildings or other construction facilities; the taking of significant or value-enhancing changes to land and construction facilities; contractual relationships under the law for the use or use of land (in particular rent and lease), the sale of immovable property and the conclusion of a corresponding debt-law contract, the appointment of a right onering the property (e.g. a mortgage) and the conclusion of a corresponding contractual agreement under debt law, the justification, modification or cancellation of a construction load or the division of a plot of land. In certain cases, the municipality may grant a general authorisation for the formally defined remediation area or parts of it. If this is the case, that general authorisation shall be made public. Do not require permission projects involving the municipality or the remedial authority, legal transactions for the purpose of anticipating the legal succession, Projects approved prior to the formal definition of the remediation area shall be legal transactions for the purpose of national defence and the acquisition by the demand carrier of land which are involved in a procedure pursuant to Section 38 of the Building Code.

Insofar as the modernisation and repair of buildings of private builders (individual measures) is sought, this can be supported by the municipalities with the help of urban development funds in the form of loans and/or grants. Private builders submit their applications directly to the municipality or its refurbishment agencies.
The permit is granted by the municipality. If a building permit or approval is required, the approval is granted by the building permit authority in agreement with the municipality.

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