Announce plant safety experts within the meaning of Section 29a of the Federal Immission Protection Act Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The operator of an installation shall, where appropriate, entrust an expert with the carrying out of safety tests and tests of safety documentation. This expert must be made known by the competent authority of a country. The expert may be allowed to carry out the examination only if he meets the requirements. These include: required expertise Independence Reliability equipment equipment The notification is always made by the competent authority of the country in which you are your registered office as the applicant. The announcement applies to the entire federal territory. Note: If your registered office is not located in Germany, the country in which your activity is to be carried out as a matter of priority is the responsibility.

Application (original) Proof of qualification (certificates, proof of expertise) (copy) Presentation of professional career (copy) References, continuing education and training (copy) Reliability documents (applicant's statement) Documents on independence (declaration of the applicant, if applicable the employer) Declaration on liability insurance Declaration on the use of auxiliary personnel (original) Proof of device availability (original) Work samples (copy)

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