Apply for death grant for war victims Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If a victim dies, his relatives receive a death grant. Amount: 3 times the pension allowance for the deceased in the month of death, but a care allowance at most in accordance with level II.

Death certificate Evidence of the relationship (by master book) The supply authority may request further documentation from you if necessary.

Application forms are available from the supply authority.

Relatives are entitled if they lived in a domestic community with the deceased at the time of death. The following ranking applies: Spouse Partner Children Parents Stepparents Foster parents Grandson Grandparents Siblings Sibling children If the deceased has not lived in a domestic community with any of these persons, the death grant shall be paid in equal order to the person whose maintenance the deceased has borne. If there are no beneficiaries, the death grant may be paid to the person who has borne the costs of the last illness or burial or who has cared for the deceased until his death.
You can apply for the death grant from the competent pension authority. If you are unable to visit the competent body (for health reasons, for example) you send an informal application and enshrine the necessary documents in a copy.

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