Student exchange

There are currently opportunities for Hessian students to exchange opportunities with the USA (Wisconsin), Canada (Alberta) and France under the Brigitte Sauzay programme and Voltaire programme. The length of stay varies depending on the exchange programme.

German-American Student Exchange

As part of the German-American student exchange, around 15 Hessian students in general education schools can visit American host families in the Hessian partner state of Wisconsin for five months each year. The return visit will take place the following year and will last for three months.

German-Canadian Student Exchange

As part of the German-Canadian student exchange, around 15 to 20 Hessian students aged 15 to 16 can visit host families in the province of Alberta each year and in return visit the Canadian partner to take on the The German and Canadian students stay in the respective partner country for three months.

Exchange with France: Brigitte Sauzay programme and Voltaire programme

Under both programmes, students can improve their language skills and intercultural skills. The Brigitte Sauzay programme is aimed at students from 8th to 11th grade who have been learning French for at least two years. For the Voltaire programme, the German students are recommended by their school, at the time of application they attend the 9th or 10th grade.

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