Vocational academies - apply for state recognition Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Private vocational academies are an alternative to higher education. They offer science-related and practice-oriented training for at least 3 years. The final title "Bachelor" to be achieved there is equivalent to a bachelor's degree and entitles you to a master's degree at a university. Do you want to establish and operate a non-governmental educational institution as a vocational academy? To do so, you must apply for state recognition. With the state recognition, the vocational academy may, within the framework of recognition, Take exams, final titles (Bachelor, Diploma Vocational Academy (BA)) and Certificates. Note: State recognition entitles the educational institution to use the term "vocational academy" or a designation referring to a vocational academy. The designations used by the vocational academy must preclude confusion with higher education institutions. The English language name is "University of Cooperative Education". The Land of Hessen may grant aid to institutions of state-recognised vocational academies if: a particular interest of the country in the promotion is established, the courses offered are accredited, are in accordance with the plans of the universities and vocational academies of the State of Hesse and have an agreement with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the tax-related non-profit-making is recognised by the competent tax authority and exemption from tuition fees is provided for for a part of the most qualified students.

comprehensive approach over a period of 4-5 years, with the following information: Name Institution and its legal relationships Seat Courses with a training concept Staff Line structure Draft admissions, studies and examination regulations with curricula for the planned courses Teaching staff concept with the following information on the members of the teaching staff: Qualification Type of employment Employment contracts for full-time teaching staff detailed financing plan over a period of 4-5 years, with the following information: Human resources Expenditure in kind Capital expenditure Revenue to cover this expenditure Documents proving the secured financing (e.g. proof of chapter assets, a bank guarantee, a basic debt of sufficient amount) including any necessary regulatory approvals Proof of the premises required for the operation of the university (e.g. lease agreements, land register extracts, building authorities' use permits) at the request of the competent authority: expert opinion of an auditor to demonstrate the economic viability of the educational establishment

A separate platform has been developed for online application. On the so-called service platform you can submit your applications electronically and much more! You are welcome to get your own picture of the application in advance without registering in advance. Use the simulation to do this. In order to make full use of the online application process, you must first register with the online application procedure. Online application procedure of the Single Point of Contact Hessen

Companies and institutions and the vocational academy must be agreed in a framework plan for each course of study the content of practical training and support, a change between the learning places of vocational academy and practice, which ensures the coordination of the content and time of academic and practical training, only persons who are entitled to study at a university and from a suitable establishment or institution with which they have concluded an apprenticeship contract may be admitted to the vocational academy. be registered, the vocational academy must have the staff, spatial and physical equipment required for the course of study and a sufficient number of suitable teachers; the vocational academy must provide a guarantee that it will carry out the teaching and examination procedure in accordance with the applicable legislation; teachers and students working at the vocational academy must be adequately involved in the design of the study establishment, the existence of the vocational academy must appear financially secure for the duration of the training of the students, after a financing plan by their institution, the vocational academy must be accessible by people with disabilities and older people and must be able to be used without outside help, provided that this does not entail disproportionate additional costs; otherwise, the vocational academy must ensure that the above-mentioned group of persons is able to take advantage of the study programme through organisational measures. Teachers must normally have the qualifications required to teach as a professor or as a lecturer or lecturer at a university of applied sciences. Forty out of the hundred of the teaching establishment at the vocational academy are to be carried out by full-time teachers. In exceptional cases, professors at universities of applied sciences and universities may also be counted within 3 years of state recognition if those who teach in the course of an ancillary activity at a vocational academy, even if they do not Continuity in the range of courses and the consistency of the overall training as well as the mandatory supervision and counselling of the students is guaranteed. The Vocational Academy offers at least 2 different courses of study, each with several professional focus. This does not apply if the appropriate professional field of study does not suggest that the relevant professional field of expertise should be established within a course of study. The Vocational Academy should have a board of trustees which will participate in decisions on the development of the Vocational Academy and on all matters relating to it and which will involve at least representatives of the relevant industry and Chamber of Commerce or any other professional chamber, employers' and employees' organisations, the companies involved in the training, the teachers working at the vocational academy and the students.

Other State recognition may be limited in time and subject to conditions. Withdrawal and withdrawal of state recognition The Ministry of Science may revoke the recognition if: the conditions for recognition are no longer met, and do not remedy this deficiency within the time limit, despite the request. Extinction of state recognition State recognition expires if the vocational academy not be opened within a reasonable period specified by the competent ministry not operate for more than one year without the consent of the Ministry of Science, or definitively shut it down.
You must apply to the competent authority for state recognition. The written form is not required by law for the application. However, due to the required extensive documentation, you must submit the application in writing. If the prerequisites are met and if the accreditation/evaluation is successful, you will receive a notification of the recognition. The recognition is based on the name, seat and institution of the vocational academy as well as the recognised courses of study. Note: If you want to make significant changes afterwards (e.g. extension to additional courses of study, change of institution) you must obtain the approval of the competent authority.