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An official electoral register is kept in each constituency. Eligible voters who are registered there on the 42nd day with their main residence will be entered in the register of their own motion and will receive an election notification no later than three weeks before election day. If you would like to be entered in the electoral register of a city or municipality in which you are not listed (for example, because you recently moved), you have until the 21st day before the election to apply for it. Opposition / Correction If you have not received an election notification up to three weeks before the election, you should check with your local authority during the inspection period between the 20th and 16th day before the election by looking at the electoral register to see if you have registered electoral register. If the entry is missing, even though you believe you are eligible to vote, the list can still be corrected on your objection.

A copy of the registration confirmation from the municipal or municipal administration is usually sufficient as proof.

The municipal administration has not entered you on the electoral roll of your own motion. You believe you are eligible to vote.
You can view the electoral register of your city or municipality on the working days from the 20th to the 16th day before the election during the general opening hours of your municipality. If you have not been included in the electoral register, you must immediately apply in writing or in person for your inclusion on the electoral roll. The local authority will then re-examine whether you are eligible to vote in the upcoming election. . Your informal written request should contain the following information: your surname, Your first names Your date of birth, Your home address, Your signature and the phrase "opposition to the electoral register and application for entry in the electoral register" If your objection is upheld and you are subsequently entered in the electoral register, you will immediately receive an election notification. If the local authority determines that your appeal cannot be granted, you will also be notified immediately.

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