Simplified building permit procedure Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In contrast to the comprehensive building permit procedure, the simplified building permit procedure significantly reduces the scope of the audit of the building inspectorate. The simplified building permit procedure is an option to: if you wish to construct the construction project outside the scope of a development plan, or where deviations, exceptions or exemptions are required, or if the municipality wants a building permit procedure or at the request of the building authority instead of the permit exemption. The simplified building permit procedure does not apply to special buildings. The building authority is responsible for ensuring that public law regulations that are not examined in the simplified building permit procedure are also complied with. In individual cases, a derogation, exception or exemption from public law provisions which cannot be examined must be requested in addition. In the event of a breach of these regulations, the building permit authority may stop the construction or have the building demolished. The building permit expires if you do not start construction within 3 years of the approval being granted or if the construction work has been interrupted for one year after this period. The time limit may be extended by up to 3 years with a written request.

Application for building permit under the simplified procedure other building templates, which are usually: Map Building drawings The structural evidence must be submitted to the construction supervisor before the construction work is carried out, the non-test-subject building templates must be submitted to the building supervision before the start of construction. Survey form for statistics on construction activity in construction (construction permit/construction overhang/construction completion or disposal/demolition/change of use) In principle, you must submit the building templates in duplicate. If the municipality is not itself a building permit authority, the building templates must be submitted in triplicate

You as the building authority must submit the building application with the necessary building templates to the building inspectorate in whose territory the property is located. You need the form "Construction Application" (BAB 01). The form is available for download on the website of the Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Regional Development (see under Applications/Forms) At the same time as this application, you must also submit the completed survey form for the statistics on construction activity. Note: To be signed the building application from you as the building authority and from the design author (usually an architect or civil engineer), the building templates from the draftsman, the building templates created by a professional planner must be created by this . If the building templates are incomplete, the building inspectorate will inform you which additions are required. As soon as the building application and the building templates are complete, the full receipt of the application documents will be confirmed. The Building Inspectorate shall notify the neighbourhood before any derogations, exceptions or exemptions are allowed from regulations that protect it. This gives them the opportunity to submit objections to the construction project within 2 weeks. Owners of neighbouring properties that are not directly adjacent to the building plot can also be notified. You can reduce the processing time if you first involve the neighborhood yourself and obtain their consent by signing them on the building templates. The Building Inspectorate shall primarily review the following provisions: Compliance with the development plan or other building planning regulations. The development plan stipulates how your property can be built on. Here you will find, for example, determinations on the type and extent of the construction use, the permissible number of floors and the permissible roof shape. The decision on deviations pursuant to Section 73 of hbo. Compliance with other public law regulations insofar as a decision under these provisions is omitted or replaced by the building permit. If the building project is a construction project in the outdoor area (e.g. the extension of a farm to build), you must apply for it separately, unless the permit under nature protection law is included in the building permit. The building inspectorate shall consult the municipality if it is not itself a building permit authority and shall touch on areas if the project is located outside or if other legal areas require a building permit. Once the necessary opinions have been received and the building application has been examined, the decision is taken, i.e. the building permit is granted, only subject to certain conditions, or the building application is rejected. You may not start executing the project until the building permit has been obtained or the deadline of 3 months (extension by 2 months is possible for good reason) has elapsed since receipt of the complete building templates. Further note: Combustion plants may only be put into operation after the expert has certified the safe usability and proper dispersing of the exhaust gases (e.g. the authorised chimney sweep).