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The pension scheme of tax consultants in Hesse (VStBH) is the professional pension scheme of the members of the Hessen Chamber of Tax Advisors. Information on membership in the Chamber of Tax Advisors can be found in the corresponding service description.

The pension scheme provides its members and their survivors with the following benefits:

  • Retirement
  • Disability pension
  • Survivor's pension (widow's and widower's pension, pension for surviving partner of a registered civil partnership, orphan's pension)
  • Death benefit for survivors
  • Compensation for the surviving wife or husband in the event of remarriage

Note: In addition, the pension fund may, upon request, grant grants for the costs of necessary, particularly complex medical rehabilitation measures. However, you are not entitled to this.

The members of the pension must make a regular monthly contribution as long as they do not receive an old-age pension or a pension due to incapacity for work. This corresponds to half the maximum contribution to statutory pension insurance. If your income does not reach half the contribution ceiling, you can apply for the calculation of your contribution according to your income. As a minimum, the minimum contribution of 1/10 of the maximum amount to the statutory pension insurance is due. Employees members who are exempt from the compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance must pay at least the contribution that would have to be paid to the statutory pension insurance.

Most employers pay membership fees directly to the pension scheme. If you are in an employment relationship, tell your employer your membership number. Inform him of your exemption from compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance scheme. If you are not in an employment relationship or if your employer does not pay the contributions directly to the pension scheme, you must pay the contributions yourself. A form for issuing a SEPA direct debit mandate can be downloaded from the Internet.

Tip: Further information on the contributions can be found in the articles of association of the pension fund of tax consultants in Hesse under under "Legal bases" and under "Service"> "Frequently asked questions".

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  • if you apply for the calculation of the contribution on the basis of the proven income from work: certificate of the gross monthly income
    • for employees: payroll of the first month of contributions
    • for self-employed persons: estimate of the income of the current calendar year or presentation of the penultimate income tax assessment (at the earliest from the year of the first appointment)
  • if you are working in an employee relationship: application for exemption from the compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance scheme and, as a syndicate tax advisor, a certificate of safety issued by the competent chamber of tax advisors, or copy of the order certificate when ordering first.

A separate platform has been developed for online application. On the so-called service platform you can submit your applications electronically and much more! You are welcome to get your own picture of the application in advance without registering in advance. Use the simulation to do this. In order to make full use of the online application process, you must first register with the online application procedure.

Online application procedure of the Single Point of Contact Hessen

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You are obliged to become a member of the pension scheme as soon as you are a member of the Hessen Chamber of Tax Advisors.

Membership in the pension scheme is excluded if you

  • have been exempted from membership as a founding member or have not applied for membership, or
  • incapacitated.

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If you meet the requirements for membership, the pension company will inform you of your membership number. You should specify these for each future contact with the utility. At the same time, you will receive your personal access data for the member portal. With this secure service, you can exchange messages and information with your contact person at the pension company and simulate your retirement pension online. At the same time, you have the option of encrypting your pension documents and simply archiving them electronically.

The pension fund first needs some information for your registration as a member and the determination of contributions. You can enter these online in the member portal under after the first registration with your access data. When you are appointed as a tax advisor, you will receive an information flyer from the Hessen Chamber of Tax Advisors, which will explain in detail how to obtain the online registration form. If you do not want to fill out the initial registration form online, you can download the blank form from the website under "Forms" to edit it offline. Alternatively, you can request this from the utility and have it sent by post.

Tip: As of your registration, you can apply for the exemption from the compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance scheme in favour of the pension fund. You can obtain the required form for the exemption application via a link in the online registration form or under under "Forms". Please send it completed and signed to the utility. It supplements your application and forwards it to the German Pension Insurance Confederation.

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