Authorisation to use the designation "Agricultural Bookoffice" Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The eligibility of the additional designation "Agricultural Book Office" can be granted to you as a tax advisor, tax representative, lawyer and established European lawyers if you have extensive special knowledge of tax and business concerns in the field of agriculture and forestry.

Application for the designation "Agricultural Book Office"

A separate platform has been developed for online application. On the so-called service platform you can submit your applications electronically and much more! You are welcome to get your own picture of the application in advance without registering in advance. Use the simulation to do this. In order to make full use of the online application process, you must first register with the online application procedure.   Online application procedure of the Single Point of Contact Hessen

Their special expertise must be demonstrated by an oral examination before a technical committee, which is formed at the Chamber of Tax Advisors. If you can prove your particular expertise through relevant training and have advised accounting farms for at least 3 years, you can apply for exemption from the oral examination. The following persons/groups of persons and companies are entitled to use the term "Agricultural Book Office": The term "agricultural bookage" as an addition to the name may be used by partnership companies if at least one partner is entitled to use that designation. Tax advisory companies may use the term "agricultural bookoffice" as an addition to the company or name if at least one legal representative is entitled to use this designation as an addition to the professional title. Similarly, associations, public corporations and associations of persons are entitled to keep the name "agricultural book office" if the head of the book office is entitled to keep that designation.

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