Nassau Central Study Fund (NZF), apply for a scholarship Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The Nassau Central Study Fund is a public foundation. The foundation supports educational activities in Hesse in the area of the former Duchy of Nassau and awards scholarships, among other things. Amount of the scholarship The amount of the scholarship is currently 1,000,00 Euro per semester . Duration of funding The scholarships are awarded in accordance with the maximum duration of funding in accordance with the BAföG guidelines according to the respective specialist studies. Note: There is no legal claim to support. Approved scholarships can be changed or revoked at any time. After the scholarship has been approved, you must provide a special service in each semester, e.g. visit an additional series of lectures to deepen produce additional housework, produce an additional presentation take a written/oral exam This must be certified by the university/university.

Birth certificate Final certificate of the school, university (bachelor' degree) and, if necessary, vocational training Enrolment certificate Proof of standard study period tabular CV optional evidence for an award bonus in economically particularly difficult income relationships (e.g. BAföG decision or grant notice ALG II according to SGB II, or ongoing support for subsistence according to SGB XII).

Forms can be found on the website of the Darmstadt Regional Council under Application procedure for scholarships (in the download area)

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Applicants must be born in the territory of the former Duchy of Nassau within the borders in force from 1817-1866: an area complongating the (present)" districts of Rheingau-Taunus, Main-Taunus, Limburg-Weilburg, Hochtaunus and Lahn-Dill as well as the city of Wiesbaden, the west of Frankfurt a.M., as well as parts of the Rhein-Lahn district and the Westerwaldkreis. Applicants are registered as full-time students (full-time studies) at a state or state-recognised university, university, technical or art college in Germany, a Member State of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland and are entitled to The start of the first-time programme of study has not yet reached the age of 35 or the 35th in the case of master's programmes. The examination entitle to study was completed at least with a grade of 2.7. Only students with limited financial resources can be supported.


Haben Sie eine Förderzusage erhalten, beachten Sie bitte, dass für die Auszahlung des Stipendiums der Nachweis einer im jeweiligen Semester erbrachten besonderen Studienleistung erforderlich ist. Diese ist im Rahmen des gewählten Studiengangs zusätzlich und über die gemäß Studienordnung ohnehin zu fertigenden Arbeiten hinausgehend, zu erbringen. Die Bescheinigung muss auf einem Originalbriefkopf Ihrer Universität ausgestellt sein. Den Nachweis über die erbrachte Sonderleistung legen Sie bitte zusammen mit der aktuellen Immatrikulationsbescheinigung jeweils bis bis spätestens 1. April für das absolvierte Wintersemester und bis spätestens 1. Oktober für das absolvierte Sommersemester vor.

Nassau School Dikt of Duke William of Nassau founded on 29.03.1817. (Published in the Bulletin of the Duchy of Nassau, year 1817, No. 5, page 47).

Submit the application form with the required documents to the Darmstadt Regional Council. In the context of the procurement procedure, a verageb ranking is determined. Based on this ranking, all applications up to the exhaustion of the available funds will be taken into account. Depending on your position in this ranking, you will then receive an authorisation or rejection notice. If you have received an authorisation notice, you will then submit the certificate of a special benefit. At the end of the respective semester, the scholarship will be transferred to the account you have indicated, provided that you have provided the special benefit for the respective semester.

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