Registration with the National Dental Association Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Dentists in Hesse must register with the State Dental Association of Hesse. Membership is mandatory. The National Dental Association is a public corporation based in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, New Court of Appeals. One of the main tasks of the Board is, among other things, to take on the professional interests of its members, regulate and promote continuing dental education and training; to monitor the performance of professional duties and to ensure quality assurance. Note: If you move your professional activity abroad, you can remain a voluntary member. This also applies in the event that you only move your residence abroad without being professionally active. Dentists who are legally insured patients ("cash patients" and "cash patients") are also members of the Hessen Dental Association.

You can find out which documents you need to submit from the registration form. Note: The documents must be presented in the form of an officially certified copy.

To be a member of the Chamber of dentists in Hesse, you must dental approval or have a permit to practise dentistry, and your profession in Hesse or, if you do not carry out your activity, you are domiciled in Hesse.
You must register in writing with the State Dental Association of Hesse. You will receive the required registration form there. It can also be downloaded from the website of the National Dental Association After registration, you will receive a confirmation and the dental card of the State Dental Association of Hesse, if this has been requested

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