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Aeronautical events, i.e. public events of competitions or shows involving aircraft, require authorisation. Note: They do not require a permit for aeronautical events in which only flight models and non-motorised aerial sports equipment participate under an ascent permit already issued, which are not subject to the traffic authorisation requirement and which do not include any passengers are carried.

The application forms are available from the relevant government office. Consent of the aerodrome operator (unless the operator is also an aerodrome operator) Aviation event outside an aerodrome: Proof of the right of use Sketch of the proposed site with indication of its dimensions and an expert opinion on its suitability Map in scale 1:25000 Site plan on a scale of 1:1500 to 1:5000 with marked event area. The plan includes dimensions of the event site, take-off and landing areas, the locations of the emergency services and the doctor, as well as parking spaces and the barriers. Programme of the event including flight programme Air traffic control information (description of the airspace or route required for the event) At the request of the approval authority: Security concept including emergency planning Flight operating instructions of the event manager Names and aeronautical certificates or officially certified copies of the air passenger certificates of the pilots involved Agreements of the organiser with the air traffic controllers, air carriers, other participants in the air and ground flight demonstrations and with those insured with liability and accidents Proof of organiser's liability insurance Proof of soil accident insurance Proof of the training of the participating aerobatic pilots Expert opinion on the suitability of the venue The government presidencies offer an application form on their respective website:

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As an organizer, you must take out an organizer's liability insurance to cover any third-party damage. The aeronautical event shall not jeopardise public safety or order.
Submit the application in writing together with the necessary documents to the relevant government office.

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