Apply for admission as a contract doctor Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Doctors, psychotherapists and psychotherapists who want to treat people with health insurance under the law and who want to settle through the health insurance fund must have a contractual medical license. You must apply for this to the competent admission committee for doctors. The committees grant approvals as part of demand planning. The regional planning areas ensure a comprehensive supply. The authorisation obliges you to carry out the contractual medical activity. You can apply for a full or half supply order. Note: In areas where there is an oversupply according to demand planning, you have to expect admission restrictions.

Extract from the doctor's register with the following data: Date of approval Date of entry in the doctor's register Date of recognition of the right to hold specialist, priority or additional designations Resume Certificate of management of document type O Declaration of the employment or employment relationships existing at the time of application (indicating the earliest possible end of the employment relationship) Explanation of whether you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or have been addicted to drugs or alcohol within the last 5 years, or have undergone a withdrawal treatment for drug or alcohol addiction within the last 5 years and that legal obstacles do not preclude the exercise of the medical profession. The competent authority may request further documents, e.g. Certificates of the health insurance associations in whose area you were previously established or admitted to the cash register practice (specifying the place and duration of establishment or authorisation and the reason for any termination) The documents must be presented in the original or as officially certified copies. Note: If you are unable to provide certificates of medical activity, you must make the facts to be proven credible in a different way. Please contact the competent authority in this regard.

Forms for doctors and psychotherapists for download can be found on the website of the Kassenmedizins Vereinigung Hessen -Admission Committee

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The prerequisites for approval are: You are registered in the doctor's register as a doctor or as a psychotherapist or psychotherapist. In spite of an employment relationship or other non-voluntary activities, you are available to the insured persons to the extent appropriate to the pension mandate associated with your admission to provide for the legally insured persons. . They do not carry out any medical activity which, by their very nature, is incompatible with the activity of a contract doctor. You are not only temporarily incapable of properly practising the contractual medical activity for health or other serious reasons in your person. Note: In the case of impediments within the meaning of the second or third bullet point, you may, under certain conditions, obtain authorisation. They must remove the reason contrary to suitability no later than 3 months after the authorisation has become unchallengeable. Activities in approved hospitals, preventive care or rehabilitation facilities do not stand in the way of a contractual medical activity, provided that you are personally available to the insured persons to the extent of your approved care order.

Other As a contract doctor or contract doctor, you must hold your consultation hours at the seat of the contract. The Federal Coat Contract Doctors and the Doctor Replacement Fund Contract regulate smore details. If it improves the care of the insured in other places, you can carry out contractual medical activities there in the sense of a branch practice. You need the prior approval of the health insurance association. The care of the insured persons at the registered office of the contract doctor may only be slightly affected by the operation of a branch practice. If you wish to relocate your registered office, you must apply to the Admissions Committee. The latter may authorise the transfer only if there are grounds for contractual medical care not to do so. For example, a transfer is always excluded if an undersupply arises at the previous contract doctor's office. You can appeal against the decision of the Admissions Committee to the Appeals Committee for Doctors within one month of notification.
You must apply in writing to the office of the admission committee responsible for your place of establishment (contract doctor's office) for doctors. The application must include the following information: for which registered physician is applied for approval under which doctor's name the authorisation is applied for The Admissions Committee shall decide on the application after oral proceedings by decision. The decision states by which day you must commence your contractual medical activity at the registered office of the contract doctor. The decision will be served on you together with an appeal notice. All parties to the proceedings (e.g. KVH, national associations of health insurance funds) may object to the decision.

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