Registration with the care unit of the State Dental Association Hessen - Hessian Dentist Care (HZV) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The care fund of the State Dental Association of Hesse (HZV) is the compulsory insurance for the employed and established dentists in Hesse. Non-professional students are not allowed to participate. The supply contract essentially includes: Ensuring pensions ensuring the care of survivors the financial protection of the members against the risk of incapacity for work as a dentist/dentist. Compulsory member of the HZV in principle, every member of the State Dental Association of Hesse from the date of acquisition of the Chamber membership. Excluded from compulsory membership are dentists who, upon the advent of the conditions for compulsory membership, have reached the age of 60 and were not a compulsory member of a professional pension scheme by that date or have reached or exceeded the normal age limit in accordance with Section 27 (1) are incapacitated, act as civil servants, professional soldiers, temporary soldiers or employees of the Confederation, the Land, the municipalities or a body, institution or foundation under public law, if they are entitled to life-long care and survivors' in accordance with the rules or principles of official law or on the basis of their contract of employment or employment, a life-long pension for old age and survivors is guaranteed in accordance with the rules or principles do not engage in a dental activity, as a recipient of a grant, the pension insurance obligation is not subject to general pension insurance. When registering with the State Dental Association of Hesse, each new member automatically receives documents about the pension fund. The administration of the HZV is notified of the new entrant, so that the admission formalities can be handled from there. The mandatory membership of the HZV ends, for example: with the loss of approval, with the abandonment of professional activity, but not in the case of pensions, with the transfer of professional activity outside Hesse. Volunteer member of the HZV whoever submits an application for voluntary membership (continued compulsory membership) within a period of 3 months after the termination of the compulsory membership. If a compulsory membership is established in another pension scheme, the membership in the HZV cannot be continued voluntarily. In the event of delay and transfer of the dental activity to the area of another dental chamber your contributions paid into the existing pension scheme will be transferred to the new pension

Register informally in writing to the pension fund. You will then receive all the necessary documents by post.

Immediately register in writing with the pension fund. You will then receive all the necessary documents by post. Return the completed forms to the utility as soon as possible. If you meet the requirements of membership, the pension company will inform you of your membership number. You should specify these for each future contact.

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