Veterinary staff; Apply for registration in the register of vocational training conditions Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Veterinary specialists assist veterinarians in the examination, treatment and care of animals and in advising the keepers. They also carry out organisational and administrative work. The profession of veterinary specialist is a state-recognised training occupation. The training takes place in the dual system of vocational training at the two learning locations company (veterinary practice or clinic) and vocational school and usually lasts 3 years. The Vocational Training Act requires the conclusion of a written vocational training contract before the start of training. This must be entered immediately (at the latest 1 week after completion) in the register of vocational training conditions, which is maintained by the State Veterinary Association of Hesse.

The vocational training contract signed by both contracting parties (in the case of minors including legal representation) in triplicate. 2 copies of these will be returned after registration (1 each for the trainer and the trainees). in case of shortened training period: copies of the relevant documents (e.g. school certificates), informal application with signature of the trainee and the trainer for trainees who are not yet of legal age at the beginning of the training: copy of the medical certificate for the initial examination Information on the training practice according to the fact sheet of the State Veterinary Association of Hesse

Prerequisites are: The vocational training contract complies with the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) and the Training Regulations. The professional and personal suitability of the trainees as well as the suitability of the training centre for recruitment and training are available. Trainees under the age of 18 must present a medical certificate for initial examination for inspection.

Animal love alone is not enough, the profession also requires good communication and conflict skills, a sense of responsibility, flexibility and often strong mental resilience.

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