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The regional plans deepen and concretize the provisions of the Hesse State Development Plan for the respective planning region. Like the Land Development Plan, the regional plan sets binding targets and principles to be weighed. The objectives and principles must be taken into account in municipal planning and in specialist planning. The objectives of spatial planning may prevent spatial lyplanning projects, such as planned larger commercial or residential areas to be realised outside the areas provided for in the regional plan for such use; the implementation of a target deviation procedure must then be examined. A target deviation procedure is a procedure in order to be able to allow a deviation from a regional plan or, if applicable, of the land development plan, in individual cases, if the deviation is based on changed facts or findings under spatial and the broad outlines of the regional plan are not affected. An application for the initiation of a target deviation procedure may be submitted in particular by public authorities and local authorities, as well as by certain private planning agencies, which must comply with the objective of spatial planning in question.

The application documents must be agreed with the upper national planning authority.

Where a planning approval procedure is required for the implementation of a project, the planning approval authority responsible for that procedure shall also decide on the necessary deviation.

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