Registering the cooperative Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A cooperative is a company with unlimited and freely changing membership. Its purpose is to promote the acquisition or economy of its members by means of a joint operation. However, the cooperative is not limited to purely economic activities. Through the joint operation of the cooperative, it can also promote the social or cultural interests of its members. A cooperative must be entered in the cooperative register. Registration must be made by all members of the Executive Board. Registration by an authorised representative is excluded. After successful registration, you will receive a registration notification. Note: The cooperative entered in the register of cooperatives is a legal entity with legal status and, on the basis of the chosen company form, is automatically a merchant.

Registration Statutes signed by the comrades Copy of the documents relating to the appointment of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board Certificate of an examination association for the admission of the accession of the cooperative and good opinion of that association on the possible endangerment of the interests of the members or creditors Note: The application must be filed electronically in notarised form. In addition, please indicate in the registration what power of representation the members of the Board of Management have.

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