Broadcasting contribution in the private sector

The broadcasting contribution is levied in the private sector per dwelling and does not depend on the type and number of radios. The rule applies: an apartment - a contribution.
The broadcast contribution includes all

  • Radios,
  • Smartphones and
  • Computer

inside your apartment and in the private cars of all apartment dwellers. If a resident pays the broadcasting fee, the obligation to pay contributions for all persons living in the apartment is covered.

This rule applies to:

  • Families
  • Shared flats
  • Unmarried couples

Are you a student and live in a student dormitory? This is where the exact spatial conditions on site are important. You will have to pay a broadcast fee if you have your room directly through a private entrance

  • from the stairwell or
  • an anamaire from or
  • from the outside.

You do not have to pay a fee if you can only enter your room via another apartment.

Note: For a second home you have to pay an additional broadcasting fee.

People with disabilities and recipients of state benefits can receive relief.

Companies, institutions and the self-employed are subject to special rules.

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You must register with the Contribution Service,

  • if you are of legal age (18 years or older) and
  • if you or another person do not yet pay a broadcasting fee for your apartment.

There is no obligation to pay contributions for a vacant apartment. Prerequisite is:

  • that it is not inhabited by anyone,
  • that there is no lease for them, and
  • that no person is registered with the registration office for them.
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