Aircraft - External take-off and landing permit

Aircraft may also take off and land outside the aerodlyed aerodsies approved for that purpose if they have a permit from the local aviation authority.

You must also prove permission for take-offs and landings at aerodromes in the following cases:

  • outside the runways specified in the aerodrome permit,
  • outside of operating hours,
  • within operating restriction times.

In addition to the approval authority's permission, the consent of the aerodrome operator is also required in these cases.

A permit is not necessary, however, if:

  • the place of landing cannot be predetermined due to the characteristics of the aircraft concerned (e.g. in the case of balloons or gliders) or
  • the landing is necessary for reasons of safety or assistance in the event of a risk to the life and limb of a person.

However, in such a case, the crew of the aircraft shall provide information on the holder of the aircraft and on the insurer.

No permit is required for external landings of gliders, hang gliders and gliding sails on an overland flight, as well as for manned free balloons.

  • Environmental and location maps
  • Photos of the starting area
  • Consent of the landowners/municipal administration


You need the consent of the landowner or an authorized person for the site.

In the case of helicopters, the consent of the municipality is also required.

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The application forms are available from the relevant government office.


If damage occurs during take-off or landing, the owner of the property may claim damages.

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