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The towing of vehicles is regulated in Section 33 of the Road Traffic Registration Order (StVZO). Towing is the towing of a motor vehicle that is operational or inoperable (motor vehicle), unless the conditions for towing are met (see "Remarks"). The car is operated as a trailer. In individual cases, an exemption permit, the so-called towing permit, may be granted for this purpose.

Application for an exemption for towing vehicles Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration certificate) of the towing vehicle In the case of towing vehicles with underrun lift and/or lifting goggles, the load table

The exemption may only be used if it is ensured that inoperable vehicles cannot be restored to a working state by means of simple repair work. The local scope of the exemption is limited to the Land of Hessen and the towing process is limited to a maximum distance of 250 km. For towing, the following include: Only one vehicle may be towed at a time. Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 4 t may only be towed by means of a tow bar. The lighting equipment prescribed for use as a motor vehicle or declared admissible may be fitted to the towed vehicle. Insofar as they are not required for trailers, they do not have to be operational. During towing, no load may be carried on the towed vehicle.

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