Corpse passport

A corpse passport is required to transfer a corpse to another country.

A corpse passport is also required for the transfer of a corpse from Hesse to other federal states if its legislation requires a corpse passport for the transport or burial of the corpse.

  • Death certificate or certificate of provision of certification
  • Leichenschauschein
  • Certificate of proper burial by the funeral company
  • Certificate from the funeral undertaking that the transport is carried out by a vehicle intended for the transport of corpses.
  • where applicable, written authorisation for the commissioned funeral company
  • in the case of evidence of a non-natural death or in the case of the corpse of an unknown person:
    Approval by the Public Prosecutor's Office or the District Court
  • medical certificate from the health board stating that there are no objections to the transport of the corpse, provided that the deceased has suffered from a reportable illness under the Infection Protection Act

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The corpse passport must be requested by the relative responsible for the burial or by the funeral company responsible for transport.

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