Public procurement: Participating in hands-free procurement or negotiated procedures

In the case of hands-free award (national), the contracting authority (contracting authority) requests selected undertakings to submit an offer. Subsequently, both the performance and the prices can be negotiated. The same applies to the negotiation procedure (EU-wide). This must be carried out if the order volume reaches or exceeds the threshold (for delivery and services above 200,000.00 euros, for construction work above 5,000,000.00 euros).


Competition is limited. The contracting authority may hold a public competition in advance. The negotiation procedure (EU-wide) requires the participation competition to be held in certain cases.

The public competition will be published in the Hessian Tender Database (

EU tenders must also be published in the EU Official Journal.

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You can find out which documents, samples or samples you need when submitting your tender at the time of your tender.


Hands-free awarding is only permitted in a few exceptional cases. The same applies to the EU-wide negotiation procedure. The admissibility is, for example, if:

  • a certain value limit is not exceeded (equivalent to EUR 100,000.00),
  • only a particular trader can provide the service due to specific requirements (e.g. patent protection, special experience or equipment),
  • the nature and scope of the service cannot be clearly and exhaustively defined before the award,
  • a benefit is particularly urgent,
  • is subject to confidentiality rules.

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Hands-free awarding differs from the public and restricted tendering (Europe-wide: open and non-open procedure). Price and performance negotiations with the bidding company are permitted. There is no formal procedure.

If no competition is held, the contracting authority shall informally request you to submit an offer. The contracting authority may only request companies that have the necessary

  • Expertise,
  • Performance and
  • Reliability

have a long-there. It may require proof of suitability. The companies make an initial offer. The contracting authority examines the tenders and awards the contract or negotiates until a tender is ready for the contract.

In the case of public competitions, you can apply to the awarding authority for participation in the competition. If the registrar selects you, it prompts you to submit an offer. It shall send you the relevant tender documents.

In the case of electronic return, you must provide the documents with a qualified electronic signature and transmit the data in encrypted form.

The contracting authority must grant a sufficient period of time for tenders.

It usually grants the contract in writing. It is the conclusion of the contract. It then informs unconsidered tenderers.

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