Public procurement: Participate in restricted tendering or non-open procedure Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the case of a restricted tender (national), the contracting authority (contracting authority) requests certain undertakings to submit a tender. If the EU threshold is exceeded (for supplies and services EUR 200,000.00, for construction work EUR 5,000,000.00), a non-open procedure must be carried out throughout the EU, which, in contrast to the restricted tendering procedure, is mandatory for a competition. All interested companies can apply for participation in this EU procedure. The contracting authority shall select the appropriate undertakings in accordance with the general principles of procurement. It asks them to make an offer. Note: EU tenders must also be published in the EU Official Journal. In the case of a restricted call for tenders, contract advice centres may assist the contracting authority in the selection of the undertakings to be called to. You will find out in the tender documents which deadlines you have to meet for the submission of applications for participation and tenders.

You will find out in the tender documents which documents, samples or samples you need to attach to your application for participation and tender.

A restricted call for tenders or an open procedure is only possible under certain conditions, for example in the following cases: In the case of construction work, certain value limits are not exceeded (nationally). Due to special requirements, only a certain group of entrepreneurs can provide the service. A public tender would create a disproportionate burden on the contracting authority or the companies applying. A public tender that has already been carried out has not produced an acceptable or economic result. A public tender is inappropriate, for example, for reasons of urgency or secrecy.
Find out more about competitions in the Hessian Tender Database ( If you wish to participate, apply to the registrar for participation in the competition. The contracting authority shall evaluate the applications. If the registrar has selected you, it will ask you to submit a quote. It shall send you the tender documents. When creating a quotation, you must observe various formal and content requirements, for example: the legally binding signature of the offer, the timely compliance with the deadline, the complete registration of the required prices, the declarations and evidence required by the client without any gaps. Attention: You may not change the contract documents! You will find out in the tender documents whether you can or must transmit the documents electronically. In this case, you must provide the documents with a qualified electronic signature and transmit the data in encrypted form. The contracting authority shall open the tenders after the expiry of the tender period. It shall examine tenders received correctly and on time in accordance with the following criteria: Completeness professional accuracy and mathematical accuracy. The contract is awarded in writing, with a few exceptions. The contract is also considered to be the conclusion of the contract. The contracting authority shall also inform you if they do not receive the contract.

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