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As a donor, the state of Hesse establishes an institution with the state foundation "Miteinander in Hessen" which, independently of state structures, takes up and strengthens the commitment of its citizens to their social environment. The aim of the state foundation "Miteinander in Hessen" is to promote private initiative and civic engagement in the state of Hesse. It aims to strengthen the individual's sense of responsibility for the common good, to improve the cohesion of society and thus to contribute to the future viability of the state of Hesse in the face of profound social changes. The State Foundation takes up what many people in Hesse do in an exemplary way in a wide variety of forms of civic engagement and wants to give new impulses to this. It thus promotes the creativity and ingenuity of the people of Hesse as well as their willingness to take responsibility in our liberal-democratic society. In particular, the Landesstiftung supports initiatives and projects that serve to build and develop private and voluntary solutions to future tasks and complement state action in a meaningful way. It also sees itself as a cooperation partner for institutions, civic foundations, foundations, associations, associations and private initiatives and promotes the exchange of experience and the formation of appropriate networks. Furthermore, the Foundation carries out its own measures, which are designed as an example on the common good orientation and sustainability in Hesse. The State Foundation is looking for partners for its funding purposes and wants to encourage people to show initiative for the common good and to work towards a human society in Hesse in the sense of practical solutions.

If you are seeking support/funding of your project by the Landesstiftung, please submit a project outline by e-mail or by post.

Further information can be found on the website of the Landesstiftung.
Within its constitutional purposes, the State Foundation "Together in Hesse" promotes initiatives and projects that serve the development and development of private and voluntary solutions to future tasks and state action through civic complementing engagement in a meaningful way. These include projects aimed at strengthening the individual's sense of responsibility for the common good and improving cohesion in society. Projects must meet the following criteria: make an important contribution to society, promote social future issues for the benefit of the citizens of Hesse or help preserve the tried and tested, have a model character, be transferable and sustainable, promote the cooperation of social actors, strengthen the country's external image in Germany and the EU, and contribute to the promotion of Hessian identity. The project must serve tax-deferred activities within the meaning of Sections 52 to 54 of the Tax Code. Funding can only be granted for projects whose success can be realised directly in the state of Hesse. The applicant should be based in Hesse. Exclusion criteria: The following projects are in principle excluded from funding: Assumption of unlimited obligations for a period of time, projects/ongoing projects started before a funding commitment, Foundations into the assets of other foundations, unless they are newly established civic foundations, Support for projects where the applicant is not the promoter and institutional support. Personal contact: If you have specific questions or ideas about project funding, please contact Sascha Strnisko, Financial Affairs, Organisation and Project Management Officer:

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