Public procurement: Immediately appeal to the Court of Appeal Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You can appeal against decisions of the AwardIng Chamber to the Court of Appeal. This shall apply within two weeks from the notification of the decision of the awarding chamber. The immediate appeal has a suspensive effect on the decision of the awarding chamber. Notes: If the contracting authority is to award the contract in spite of the complaint, it must request and substvent it in writing. The appeal court may allow the proceedings to continue and the award of the contract to be awarded. In doing so, it must take into account the chances of success of the immediate complaint. You must be represented by a lawyer in the appeal proceedings. Exception: Legal entities under public law do not require legal representation.


You must lodge the immediate complaint in writing, state the reasons and state the following: Explanation of the extent to which you wish to challenge the decision of the AwardIng Chamber and request a different decision; Indication of the facts and evidence on which your complaint is based. If the Appeal Court considers that the appeal is well founded, it shall annare the decision of the AwardIng Chamber. It can either decide the matter itself, or oblige the Award Ingesikammer to take a new decision into account, taking into account the legal opinion of the Appeal Court.

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