Public procurement: Entry in the register of designations for public procurement procedures of the Hessian Tender Database HAD Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Contracting authorities award many contracts in the form of a restricted invitation to tender or a hands-free award. In the context of procurement procedures, the public authorities repeatedly ask the Hessen Procurement Advisory Centre (ABSt) about companies, craft enterprises and offices to be invited to submit tenders. AbSt selects these companies from a naming database. Registration in this "designation register" increases the possibility of being involved in a tendering procedure with contracting authorities in the specific procurement procedure.

Form Naming Request Proof of membership in a Hessian Chamber, by means of a membership certificate or contribution invoice (also scanned image)

Contact details and service areas can be entered on the website of the procurement advisory office under After a short-term release, the companies are entered in the register for future designations. Note: It is also recommended to strive for prequalification in the Hessian Prequalification Register "HPQR".

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