Markscheider Mining Ordinance; Recognition of "other persons" for the production of other documents Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Markscheider assumes certain tasks in the mining industry resulting from the Federal Mining Act and the Markscheider Mining Ordinance, such as surveying in mining, assessing safety-relevant geological-geotechnical conditions and with the so-called crack works you have produced, certify facts with public faith. Insofar as for over-the-ground operations in place of crack ingesis, consisting of the components pit image and other documents, which are so-called "other documents" sufficient, these may be made and reproduced by "other persons" (as marker separators). These "other persons" require the recognition of the competent authority for individual establishments. A mine pattern is not required unless the mining operator has received an exception to the requirement of the mine image from the competent mining authority.

informal application Testimonies All certificates showing that the necessary surveying skills have been acquired. Certificates of professional activity carried out Employer's certificate Certificate of leadership medical certificate

professionally qualified degree as a graduate engineer in the fields of marking, mountain surveying or general surveying of a university of the Federal Republic of Germany or a university acquired outside the Federal Republic of Germany, as equivalently recognised professional qualification and has pursued a professional activity at least 2 years after the vocational qualification or has a professional qualification with other surveying skills and which is used for the preparation and subsequent production of the other documents, has acquired additional knowledge and skills required in a subject-specific occupation of at least 3 years, and the required reliability and possesses physical aptitude.

The competent authority shall examine for recognition 'as a different person': whether the professional qualification meets the requirements whether a subject-specific occupation has been carried out after the vocational qualification for at least 2 years whether there is a different degree in surveying and vocational qualification and the additional knowledge and skills required for the preparation and subsequent production of other documents in a minimum of 3 years professionally specific occupation stake. the required reliability the required physical fitness granting or refusal of recognition by a decision.

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