Request for arbitration to the Ombudsman real estate of the IVD

The German Real Estate Association IVD Federal Association of Real Estate Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Administrators and Experts e.V. currently counts about 6,000 member companies, including financial service providers, property developers and many other companies close to the real estate Services.

In order to resolve differences of opinion between you and an IVD member company without lengthy litigation, the IVD has established an out-of-court arbitration procedure. The Ombudsman helps you to resolve differences quickly and without red tape.

Note: Before you can contact the Ombudsman' Office, you must first contact the IVD member company directly with your complaint. This will have the opportunity for the company to reconsider or better justify its decision. Often a dispute can be avoided completely by correspondence or a personal conversation.

If no agreement is possible in the conciliation procedure, you can assert your claim in court proceedings

Your informal request for arbitration contains:

  • the personal details of the consumer
  • Names and data of the IVD member company
  • a concise description of the facts of the case
  • indication of what the complaint is intended to achieve
  • Documents necessary to understand your case, including correspondence, including any letters of reply from the IVD member company

If necessary, the ombudsman's office may request further documentation from you.

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  • The real estate company concerned must be a member of the German Real Estate Association (IVD).
  • The applicant is a natural person.
  • The disputed facts are not related to commercial or independent professional purposes.
  • The disputed sum is at least 3,000.00 euros.

Note: If this complaint value is not reached, you, as a consumer, have the opportunity to contact the competent regional association, which is responsible for the respective IVD member company in a factual and local manner.


In the following cases, arbitration by the Appeals Office is not possible:

  • the dispute has already been resolved by an out-of-court settlement
  • the conflict has been or is already the subject of a conciliation procedure with another conciliation or quality body
  • an application for legal aid was dismissed because the action had no prospect of success
  • the dispute is dealt with before or during the conciliation procedure before a court or is brought to court by the applicant during the conciliation procedure
  • if it would affect the clarification of a fundamental point of law
  • the claim of the applicant is already time-barred and the respondent invokes the limitation period
  • Adressen der IVD-Regionalverbände

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Complaint to the real estate company

Before contacting the Ombudsman, first address your complaint to the relevant real estate company. This will have the opportunity for the company to reconsider or better justify its decision.

Note: The Ombudsman can only take action if this direct attempt to clarify and reach an agreement has failed or the Company has not responded to your complaint within a specified period.

Examining jurisdiction

Check whether the affected real estate company is a member of the IVD. You can ask the company itself or contact the IVD.

Applying for conciliation

  • If all the prerequisites are met, please send the informal request for conciliation in writing to the competent body.
  • In it, describe the facts and what you want to achieve with your arbitration request. Include copies of all relevant documents necessary to understand the request.
  • The Ombudsman Real Estate confirms receipt of the arbitration application and sends you a presentation of the further procedure.

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