Submit a conciliation application to the Co-operative Banks Ombudsman Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A legal dispute is annoying, lengthy and often expensive. In order to make it easier to resolve differences between you and your bank, the cooperative banks have set up an out-of-court arbitration procedure. An independent ombudsman helps you resolve differences quickly and without red tape. Tip: Often, inconsistencies can already be resolved in direct contact with the bank concerned. It is therefore always advisable to ask them for clarification before submitting a request for conciliation. If no agreement is possible in the conciliation procedure, you can assert your claim in court proceedings. Exceptions In the following cases, arbitration by the Appeals Office is not possible: the dispute has already been resolved by an out-of-court settlement the conflict has been or is already the subject of a conciliation procedure with another conciliation or quality body an application for legal aid was dismissed because the action had no prospect of success the dispute shall be dealt with before or during the conciliation procedure before a court or shall be brought to court by the applicant during the conciliation procedure witnesses would have to be heard to establish the facts of the case the claim of the applicant is already time-barred and the other party invokes the limitation period

informal complaint with a brief description of the facts documents that are necessary to understand your case, for example, also Correspondence with the bank concerned If necessary, the Complaints Office will request further documents from you.

The procedure can be used by all private and corporate customers of the cooperative banks. Non-customers can also complain to the Ombudsman if one of the participating banks does not wish to set up a current account on a credit basis. The cooperative bank concerned must belong to the Federal Association of Deutsche Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) and have joined this procedure.
Examining jurisdiction First, check whether the bank concerned belongs to the Bundesverband der Deutsche Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken e.V. and has joined this procedure. An up-to-date list can be obtained on request from the BVR Customer Complaints Office. Applying for conciliation If all the prerequisites are met, please send the request for arbitration in writing to the Customer Complaints Office. In your letter, describe the facts and what you want to achieve with your request for arbitration. Include copies of all relevant documents necessary to understand the request. The BVR Complaints Office confirms receipt of the arbitration request and informs you of the further course of the dispute. An overview with explanations of the entire ombudsman procedure from the submission of the application to the possible conciliation proposal can be found in the customer brochure of the BVR.

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