Special use of public transport areas (roads, cycle paths, sidewalks) for work and construction sites Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The establishment of a work/construction site on public transport area is a special use subject to authorisation. This requires a traffic order and/or exemption permit and a special use permit under road law Permits are required, for example, Construction sites in general (demolition, civil engineering, pipeline work) Construction cars or team/equipment stalls Construction fence Material storage Scaffolding Troughs and containers Lifts Car crane, construction crane, inclined lift or lifter Moves Note on crane installation: When using public transport areas for the installation of construction cranes or car cranes, you must consult the respective utilities before using the area. Only the respective utility can assess whether the cables that may be running in the area to be used withstand the load or whether important work or repairs are to be carried out.