Individual approval for a public lottery or play (including small lotteries and tomboles)

If you want to run public lotteries and games (including Tombolen), you must apply for and approve them.

What information must be provided in the application?

The application for a lottery or draw must contain the following information:

  1. name and address of the organiser,
  2. the name and address of the natural person responsible for carrying out the project,
  3. Type of event,
  4. Playtime
  5. Location or distribution area,
  6. Purpose of the event,
  7. Number of lots for sale and
  8. Lot prize of the single lot.

As a type of event come

  • a lottery ticket lottery,
  • a draw lottery,
  • a loose letter play-off,
  • a draw play and
  • a tombola (event in enclosed spaces with a playing capital of up to 6,000,00 Euro)


In a lottery, winnings are played out, and in the case of a game, prizes are played in kind. The lot letter contains the immediate winning decision, in the draw lottery or draw, the winners are determined by "draw" of the winning lottery.

The application shall be attached to the following documents:

  1. the statutes of the organiser,
  2. the last corporate tax notice or decision on the recognition of the non-profit of the organiser,
  3. any other evidence showing that the Promoter warrants the proper performance of the lottery or play and the appropriate use of its proceeds;
  4. the game plan (see explanation below),
  5. the profit plan (see explanation below),
  6. a statement by the organiser that:
    • the winnings listed in the winning schedule are available at the start of the lottery or spin-off or at the beginning of each series of the lottery or spin-off,
    • the net proceeds of the lottery or the ticketing match shall be used for the intended purpose immediately after the end of the event;
    • in the event of a play-off, all winnings at the usual value have been entered in the winning plan,
  7. at local events, a certificate from the competent local authority that there are no objections to the organisation of the event, or a place permit.

Where a commercial lottery organiser or other person acts for remuneration in the technical performance of a lottery or a spin-off, the contract concluded with those persons shall be attached to the application.

You must submit the application with all documents of the approval authority at least 3 weeks before the scheduled start of the event. If you want to play out prizes in kind that have been handed out in a game, you can submit the final winning schedule no later than one week before the event.


The application for a lottery must be supplemented by a game plan.

From the game plan, the amount of the game capital, divided in percentage terms into

  • Winning amount (value of winnings to be played),
  • lottery or sales tax,
  • Costs of the lottery and
  • Net income


Care must be taken to ensure that the net income, profit and costs are proportionate to each other. The cost of the event must be kept as low as possible. An appropriate, high net yield should be achieved. For the net income and the winning amount, at least 30 percent of the fees should be provided in the game plan and there must be no reason to believe that these shares will not be reached. At the time of the application, a calculation must be submitted, which will result in the estimated costs of the event, the profit amount, the taxes and the net income.

If the winnings are donated and therefore no expenses are required for the provision of the profits, the net income of the event should amount to at least 50 percent of the invested capital.

In the case of small lotteries, i.e. lotteries where the sum of the fees payable does not exceed EUR 40,000.00 and the net income is used exclusively and directly for charitable, ecclesiastical or charitable purposes, the net income and the winning amount are only at least 25 percent of the fees at a time.

The game plan also regulates the operation of the game in general. It sets out the conditions under which the possibility of participation is opened up. In particular, it denotes the individual player's asset performance (use) and regulates the procedure for determining profits.

Profit plan

The application for a lottery shall be supplemented by a winning plan.
The winning plan contains the type, number and amount of all winnings. Gains in kind are listed with their value.

When you are divided into several series, a total profit plan shall be drawn up which contains the above information, divided into the planned series. The winning percentage of each series must be the same. The jackpots must be distributed evenly between the individual series.


Prerequisite for the approval of a lottery

Permission for a lottery or spin-off may only be granted if:

  1. the event does not conflict with any of the following grounds for refusal:

  • Permission may not be granted unless it cannot be ruled out that the event of the lottery may be held because of the total number of games of chance already available, in particular with regard to the number of games of chance already organised or their nature or implementation promotes the instinct to play in a special way.

  • Permission may not be granted if:

    • the game plan provides that:

      • the announcement of the draw results is made more than 2 times a week,

      • the maximum profit exceeds a value of EUR 1,000,000.00, or

      • Portions of the fee paid by the player are accumulated for the purpose of creating winnings for future draws (scheduled jackpot).

    • interactive participation in radio and telemedia with timely announcement of the prize.

  1. the organiser is a non-profit-making organisation,
  2. the organiser is reliable, in particular guarantees that the event will be carried out properly and for the participants in the game and the licensing authority and that the net income will be used appropriately,

  3. the event does not pursue any economic purposes that go beyond the advertising effect associated with the provision of profits, and

  4. it is not to be expected that the event itself or the realization of the purpose of the event or the use of the pure carry will endanger public security or order or that the relations of the Federal Republic of Germany with other States will be be affected.

    A new long-term lottery may also not be approved if there is no sufficient public need for its event, despite the existing offer of admitted games of chance. In order to assess the sufficient public need, the purpose of the event and the intended use of the proceeds of the purpose shall not be taken into account.


Important note

Any public lotteries or games, including the conclusion of game contracts for a public lottery or play, or offers to conclude such gaming contracts without official permission, shall be subject to the prison sentence of up to 2 years or fined.

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