Parking pass for craftsmen in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The Regional Craftsmen's Parking Card Metropolitan Rhine-Neckar (MRN) facilitates the work of craft enterprises, which often work at different locations in the region. While they have previously had to apply for a separate exemption for parking in public spaces for each location, since 2008 they have been able to use the Regional Craftsmen's Parking Card, which is recognised in all districts and county-free cities of the MRN. These are: Bergstraße district, district of Bad Dürkheim, district Germersheim, district Südliche Bergstraße, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, KreisfreiStädte Frankenthal, Heidelberg, Landau, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Neustadt a. d. Weinstraße, Speyer and Worms. In addition, it has also been used in the Karlsruhe Technology Region since the beginning of 2011. This includes the towns and municipalities of the districts of Karlsruhe and Rastatt as well as the city of Karlsruhe and the city of Baden-Baden (in the core city area of Baden-Baden, specific parking regulations have to be observed. At the Wilhelmsbrücke and on the market square there are craftsmen's places. Craft enterprises receive a key to the use of these places through the county craftsmen' union. For more information: ). With the craftsman's parking card, a company in the MRN can park its service or workshop trolley on weekdays for the duration of the work in the following areas, provided that there is no other parking space at a reasonable distance: In the restricted stop ban (sign 286 StVO) In no-stop zones (sign 290 StVO) also outside the marked areas In restricted traffic areas (mark 325 StVO) outside the marked areas, as far as a vehicle with a width of 2.55 m can still pass Parking meters and in the area of parking ticket machines without charge (Section 13 para.1 StVO) In areas with parking discs without observance of the maximum parking period (Section 13 para.2 StVO) In resident parking lots with corresponding additional signs Note: Parking in pedestrian areas, in disabled parking lots or in the immediate vicinity of the premises is not possible with the MRN craftsman's parking card. If an exemption permit is required for pedestrian zones, a separate application is required with the road traffic authority, in whose district the pedestrian zones are located.

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The following documents must be submitted at the time of application: Application Copy of the craft card or business registration Copy of car bills

The application form can be found on the following page after you have entered your place of residence:

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Companies that meet the following criteria can apply for a craftsman's parking card: The operating location must be within the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region The operation must be registered with either the HWK or the Chamber of Commerce The company must carry out a commercial activity for which a vehicle is required in the immediate vicinity of the site of operation The vehicles used in this case must not exceed a permissible total mass of 7.5 t and must be suitable as service or workshop wagons or for material and tool transports.

The craftsman parking card can be issued alternatively for up to 3 vehicles. In this case, 3 vehicle registration plates will be entered on the identification card. However, it applies only to the vehicle used in which the original approval is designed in the viewing area of the windscreen.
For the regulations from which exceptions can be granted: Sections 12, 13, 41 and 42 Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) For the granting of exceptions (parking card): Section 46 StVO For the collection of charges: Charging Rules for Road Transport Measures (GebOSt) and Fee No. 264 of the plant to section 1 GebOSt For jurisdiction: Section 47 of the StVO and Section 11 of the Ordinance on the Determination of Road Traffic Rights of the Land of Hessen

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You apply for the Regional Craftsmen's Parking Card from the Road Traffic Authority responsible for your headquarters. In the Hessian and Rhineland-Palatinate parts of the MRN, the road traffic authorities are located in the municipal and municipal administrations. In Baden-Württemberg, there are also some local transport authorities that can issued the craftsman's parking card. In general, the application can be made in person, by fax or by letter.

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