Maternity allowance for non-legally insured persons Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Workers receive maternity allowance for the period of maternity leave (6 weeks before birth to 8 weeks after birth, in the case of premature or multiple births up to 12 weeks after birth) if they are not themselves members of a statutory health insurance fund, but are family or privately insured or not covered at all, or the employment relationship has been terminated by the employer in admissible during pregnancy or the period of protection after childbirth. At the request of the Federal Insurance Office, the maternity allowance is paid in accordance with the average net earnings before the protection periods, but not more than a total of EUR 210.00. Maternity allowance Privately insured employees (and non-insured employees) receive an amount equal to their previous daily calendar daily income minus EUR 13.00 from their employer as a subsidy for the period of protection. . Women whose employment relationship has been validly terminated by the employer during pregnancy or during the period of protection after birth or whose employer cannot pay the maternity allowance after the opening of insolvency proceedings, receive the grant equal to the difference between the maternity allowance and its average net earnings at the request of the Federal Insurance Office. If the employee has terminated on her or if the employment relationship has ended in accordance with the contract (e.g. in the case of a fixed-term employment relationship, by mutual agreement or by comparison), the employee is not entitled to this subsidy. If, as a result of another child, a new period of maternity leave is still on parental leave, the grant shall not be entitled to the grant, despite entitlement to maternity benefit, as long as the new protection periods coincide with the current parental leave, unless the woman is practising admissible part-time work.

Certificate of the alleged day of childbirth by a doctor or midwife This certificate may not be issued earlier than 7 weeks before the calculated date of birth, i.e. one week before the start of the maternity leave period. Birth certificate for maternity assistance You will receive these from the registry office after childbirth. It must be sent to the Federal Insurance Office for final processing of your application.

existing (even minor) work or home work relationship at the beginning of the 6-week period of protection prior to childbirth Change from an official to an employment relationship during the protection periods Officers, on the other hand, turn to their employer permissible termination of your employment relationship during pregnancy by the employer, i.e. with the consent of the government office (e.g. in case of closure or risk of existence of the company) Opening of insolvency proceedings over your employer's assets or dismissal of insolvency proceedings due to lack of assets

Information can also be obtained via the maternity benefit hotline
Section 19 Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) (Maternity allowance for persons not insured by law ) Section 20 Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) (grant for maternity benefit)

Please submit applications to the Federal Insurance Office in writing. The Federal Insurance Office makes the "Application for Maternity Benefit" available for download. This application also includes the form "Employer's certificate for the calculation of maternity allowance" and explanations intended for completion by your employer. For more information, see the "Information Sheet". You can also request the form by phone or in writing. Return the completed application and the required documents and documents to the Federal Insurance Office.

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