Announcement of measuring points in accordance with Section 29b of the Federal Immission Protection Act (BImSchG)

In the field of immission protection, plant operators are obliged to carry out certain officially ordered emission assessments and immission measurements. These investigations are used to measure air pollution, noise and vibration, as well as to calibrate and test function on automatic measuring devices. Investigations may be carried out by certain bodies which shall be made known by the competent authority of a Land. This procedure is also called notification and must be requested by you, as such an investigative body. The notification is always made by the competent authority of the country in which you are your registered office as the applicant. The announcement applies to the entire federal territory. NOTE: If your registered office is not located in Germany, the country in which your activity is to be carried out as a matter of priority is the responsibility. In all cases, the plant operator is free to choose between the specified bodies. A complete and up-to-date list of the bodies and experts announced in accordance with Section 29b b ImSchG can be found under »

As a rule, the following documents are required: Request for notification (notification) (original) Articles of Association, Articles of Association, Company Entry (Copy) Information on insurance (copy) Proof of Quality Assurance System (QMH) (copy) Proof of accreditation (certificate, review reports) (copy) Measurement reports for the certificate of expertise (copy) Proof of qualification (certificates, proof of expertise) (copy)

The disclosure requirements, the notification procedure as well as the obligations of the announced authorities and the plant operators are regulated in the Notification Ordinance 41. BImSchV. There you will also find the test areas for which such bodies can be active. The application form for an announcement as well as the "country-specific regulations" for Hesse can also be found under the link of the HLNUG listed above.

Administrative agreement on the proof of competence and notification of test laboratories and measuring points in the legally regulated environmental field of 29.11.1999 Announcement Ordinance 41. BImschV Proof of expertise for investigations in the field of immission protection Module Immission Protection
Sections 26, 29b of the Federal Immission Protection Act, 41. Bimschv 1st, 2nd, 13th, 17th, 27th, 30th, 31st BimschV, No 5.3.3 TA Air

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