Red license plate (dealer license plate) / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The license plate entitles to the following journeys: Test drives: Driving to determine and prove the serviceability of the vehicle (§ 2 No. 23 FZV) Test drives: Driving to have the vehicle tested by an officially recognised expert or examiner for motor vehicle traffic or test engineer of an officially recognised monitoring organisation, including driving the vehicle to the test location and back (§ 2 No. 24 FZV). Transfer journeys: journeys to transfer the vehicle to another location (§ 2 No. 25 FZV). Trips for other purposes are not permitted with this number plate! Important: This is a service provided by a local authority, the contact person is the office responsible for the place of operation. The deactivation of red number plates (dealer's license plates) is only possible in the registration authority which has made the allocation.

valid identity card or passportBusiness registrationfor legal entities:, additionally - excerpt from the commercial register and identity card of all managing directors or authorized signatories in case of representation with written power of attorney, additionally: identity card or passport of the authorised representative electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)Direct debit authorisation for motor vehicle tax (SEPA Direct Debit Mandate)written explanations of needsProof(s) of the application for access to the register, - Information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct type O) - Information from the Central Trade Register

Reliability of the applicant, to be demonstrated, as a rule, by - information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct) - information from the Central Trade Register - information from the Central Register of Transportation at the Federal Motor Transport Authority registered motor vehicle business Proof of the need for red plates for dealers There shall be no arrears of fees and expenses from previous admission procedures. In the case of payment arrears, the registration authority may not allocate the label until these have been settled.

Vehicles with this registration number are tax-privileged and are subject to a flat-rate vehicle tax of 46.02 euros for motorcycles or 191.73 euros for all other vehicles. An amendment to the German Motor Vehicle Tax Act came into force on 1 July 2010. The following changes apply to registrations as of 1 July 2010: - When a vehicle is registered, a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate is required for the collection of vehicle tax. A SEPA Direct Debit Mandate issued for initial taxation is also valid for subsequent years. electronic insurance confirmation (eVB): You can obtain the insurance confirmation for the motor vehicle liability insurance from the insurance company of your choice. In most cases, you can request the insurance confirmation from your insurance company by telephone. Since 1 March 2008, the insurer has been able to provide you with an insurance confirmation with a 7-digit alphanumeric VB number, which the registration authority uses to retrieve the insurance data electronically from the central database of the German Insurance Association.
An informal application is usually sufficient for the allocation of a red trader's license plate. This can be submitted in writing or in person to the licensing authority. A representative can also be appointed with a written power of attorney. The registration authority issues a vehicle registration book. The insurance company is automatically informed by the registration authority about the allocation of the registration number. To avoid long waiting times, appointments can be made by telephone at the following numbers: for Bremerhaven: (0471) 590-3470 or 3480 Note: Customers without an appointment will be served in parallel, with priority given to appointment customers. Commercial registration requests will continue to be accepted without appointment.