Applying for an identity card - compensation in case of loss, theft and the like / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The loss or misplacement must be reported to the citizens' offices and theft must be reported to the police. If the electronic proof of identity has been activated, the blocking is to be arranged either at the Citizens' Offices or at a blocking hotline 0180-1-33 33 33 (3.9 cents/minute from the German fixed network, from the mobile network a maximum of 42 cents/minute - also available from abroad) or by calling the blocking emergency number 116 116 (toll-free). When blocking, the personal data and the blocking password must be provided.

Proof of identity, e.g. old or invalid identity card, valid (child) passport or birth certificate in the case of infants or young children who do not yet have a (child) passport or identity card. 1 current biometric passport photo according to the photo sample board, Recommendation: not older than three months

The identity card can only be applied for in person, as the handwritten signature must be included in the application. Upon receipt of the pin letter from Bundesdruckerei, the company will inform you that the ID card has been completed. Note: Bundesdruckerei will not send a pin letter for children who are younger than 15 years and 9 months at the time of application for the ID card. A representative may be appointed to collect the card. For this purpose, the authorised representative must be able to identify himself accordingly and bring a special power of attorney for collection (see "Forms" in the top right-hand corner) as well as the identity card or passport of the person granting the power of attorney.