Driving licence lost or stolen / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A replacement driving licence must be applied for if the previous one has been lost, stolen or, for example, has become illegible. The application for a replacement driving licence must be submitted to the competent authority by the licence holder in person, in writing or for transcription. The driving licence applied for may also be collected by a person authorised in writing; the replacement driving licence may also be sent on request.

Identity card or passportPhotograph, according to the photo sample board if necessary, additional confirmation from the police of the theft reportCopy of the index card, If the current driving licence was issued outside Bremen before 1999 (the same applies to the city of Bremerhaven).

Residence in Bremerhaven Driving licence data must be available in Bremerhaven

The person concerned is required to prove that he or she holds a driving licence. A new driving licence is not required if the name changes due to marriage or other circumstances, provided that the name on the driving licence is evident from the identity card. A card driving licence is always issued as a replacement driving licence. This is produced centrally by Bundesdruckerei in Berlin. Personal application required (as the signature must be made in the presence of the official). Collection can be carried out by a person authorised in writing. The replacement driving licence can also be sent (against reimbursement of postage costs). If no replacement driving licence is applied for, the person concerned must waive the driving licence; § 25 (4) FeV. There is no provisional driving licence, but there is a "fee-based special permit". Upon delivery of the new driving licence, the previous driving licence loses its validity. If the lost driving licence is found again, it must be returned to the competent driving licence authority without delay.
Personal application. Verification of driving licence data and authorisation Ordering the card driving licence from Bundesdruckerei Dispatch of the ticket driving licence