Have official certifications issued / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Official certifications of documents/written documents are for a specific purpose. In case of doubt, it will be checked whether an authentication can be carried out according to the relevant regulations. The "official" authentication is to be distinguished from the "public" authentication: Public certification is carried out by notaries, while official certification is carried out by "offices", i.e. authorities. In Bremerhaven these are the registry offices for all civil status documents (birth, marriage, civil partnership and death certificates) of the civil status registers kept there the schools for school reports and all other authorities for documents issued by themselves. in the Bürgerbüro Mitte and the Bürgerbüro Nord

Important: This is a service provided by a local authority. Therefore, you can only visit an office that is located in your place of residence.

What can be officially certified? It can be certified: Transcripts or copies of documents issued by or required by a public authority (e.g. diploma certificates, school reports, naturalisation certificates, etc.), Computer print-outs, the original of which has been produced by an authority,: private documents (e.g. job references) Signatures under declarations, if official certification is required. to be brought along: for authentication of documents: original of the document and a legible copy or photocopy, for the authentication of a signature: passport or identity card