Registration for marriage - Marriage in Bremerhaven / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The official part of the path to marriage consists of three steps. For those who wish to marry, who both have or have acquired German citizenship, we have published an information sheet under "Forms" about the documents to be submitted for a marriage. Further information: see under procedures.

The registration for the marriage takes place at the registry office of the place of residence. If the marriage partners have different places of residence, the registration of the marriage can be done optionally at one of the registry offices. The place of registration must be distinguished from the place of the civil marriage. The marriage can be entered into at any registry office in Germany.
Step 1: Pre-registration The registry office where the marriage is registered checks that there are no impediments to the intended marriage. Take advantage of this opportunity and enter your data in the data collection form provided if you intend to marry. You will find the data collection form under "Forms". Please return it to the registry office. This can be done in person during our opening hours, by post, by dropping it in our mailbox, by fax or by e-mail to After a first inspection we will contact you again and give you information about the necessary documents you need for a marriage. As far as it is necessary for the examination of the conditions of marriage, the registry office can demand further documents. Thereafter, the application for marriage can be made by prior appointment. In the case of foreign citizenship, the respective national law/foreign law must be observed. Depending on the intensity of the examination, this can also lead to longer processing times. Documents must always be submitted to the registry office in the original. The translation of foreign documents must be carried out by a sworn translator in Germany and must be submitted together with the original document. Step 2: Registration of the marriage The registration of the marriage is only possible after prior appointment with the registry office. When registering the marriage, the documents to be presented will be checked. You will receive information, for example, on the name and the course of the day of the marriage. As soon as it is established that the requirements for marriage are met, the marriage registration is valid for 6 months. If one of the fiancées is unable to attend the date for registration of the marriage at the registry office in person, a corresponding power of attorney must be presented by the registering fiancée. You will find the form of the power of attorney under "Forms". Step 3: Marriage The marriage is concluded by the couple declaring to the registrar that they wish to marry each other. The couple must make the declaration in person and in attendance. The marriage is notarized in the presence of the spouses. Witnesses to the marriage are no longer required, but can still be involved. Marriages at the Bremerhaven registry office take place in the wedding hall or wedding room. You will find our external wedding locations and the respective contact details under "Wedding locations" on this website. The registry office will be happy to provide information about the possible wedding days on which marriages can take place. Please note that you should first contact the Bremerhaven registry office to find out about available wedding dates before making appointments at external wedding locations.