Sonderung beantragen - Beschleunigte Flurstückszerlegung in Gebieten mit hochgenauem Kataster Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

First of all GeoInformation Bremen checks whether the conditions for a separation are fulfilled. If this is the case, the parcel of land is divided up in the real estate cadastre without local surveying. A deed is drawn up about the course of the boundary and the parties involved are informed. The new boundary points will be marked in the locality at a later date. The boundary points are permanently marked by boundary stones, plastic marks, chisel crosses, etc. A record is also made of the later local marking of the boundary points, known as "marking out", and is made known to the parties involved.

The affected plot of land is located in the municipality of Bremen. Commissioning only by owners, purchasers, heritable building rights holders or notaries The real estate cadastre provides highly accurate and reliable coordinates for all boundary points of the parcel. Note: Highly accurate and reliable coordinates have been produced as a result of real estate surveys since about 2004. Note: The specialization is a special form of disassembly, it is subject to special conditions. There is no legal claim to the execution of a specialization.

The costs can be inquired for the respective individual case at GeoInformation. Note: Costs will be charged depending on the size of the newly formed parcels, the standard land value and the number of boundary points to be marked. The costs of a special survey plus a later marking are slightly higher than those of a dissection survey with direct marking. Order form: Please mark "dismantling measurement" and note the wish for specialisation under "Other". Indication of the parcel concerned: Name of street and house number or cadastral designation, i.e. parcel and parcel Specification of the desired course of the new boundaries: Naming of geometrical conditions, e.g. parallel distance, perpendicularity etc. to existing boundaries or buildings. Naming of target surfaces. Note: Building law requirements, e.g. distance areas, are not checked by GeoInformation!
Written order (also via Internet, e-mail or fax) by the client is possible. Examination by GeoInformation Bremen, whether the conditions for a separation are present. Separation (dissection without local surveying) of the parcel in the real estate cadastre. Preparation of a record of the new border demarcation. Notification of all parties involved by sending a copy of the minutes. Dispatch of notifications of changes in the real estate cadastre. Sending the extracts from the real estate cadastre required for the depreciation of the real estate. Sending the notice of costs for the specialization. At a later date (within three years) GeoInformation Bremen will mark the new border points. Notification of the border date by GeoInformation Bremen. Marking of the new border points. Preparation of a record of the demarcation. Notification of all parties not present by sending copies of the minutes of the border date. Dispatch of the notice of costs of the demarcation.