Identitätsbescheinigung für Flurstücke beantragen Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The certificate of identity certifies that a historical and current parcel designation describes the same location in the locality. The historical parcel designation often appears in the case of rights described in the land register or in the register of building charges, since the parcel designation is not updated there after a change in the parcel designation (e.g. by a dissection measurement). If an owner wants to change or delete a right with a reference to a historical parcel, he usually needs a certificate of identity stating which current parcels are affected by the right today.

Commissioning only by owner, hereditary building owner

When placing an order using the order form, please tick the box Miscellaneous/Remarks and provide as proof of identity.
Written order with form or informally Document preparation Internal processing of the parcel history Preparation and dispatch of the certificate of identity Invoicing Final examination