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The decomposition measurement serves to form new parcel boundaries and thus to create new parcels. The course of a new boundary depends on an existing land purchase agreement or on the wishes of the owners or purchasers. Planning and building regulations (e.g. compliance with border distances) must be taken into account. In a subsequent surveying appointment, the parties involved are informed of the results of the surveying and the marking.

Commissioning only by owners, purchasers, hereditary building rights holders or notaries
Written order with form or informal; If planning documents and/or property purchase agreement are available, please send them to us! Preparation of documents Coordination of the measurement date Local surveying by surveyors Internal processing with coordination of the border points and determination of the new area sizes and allocation of the new parcel numbers Checking the measurement Taking over the surveying in the real estate cadastre (continuation of the real estate map and the real estate book) Preparation and dispatch of registration documents and notifications of continuation (current extract from the real estate cadastre) Invoicing Final examination