Help to overcome particular social difficulties Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Assistance to overcome particular social difficulties" includes the following measures: Counselling for people seeking help and their relatives outpatient or inpatient care Assistance in obtaining and maintaining a dwelling measures to obtain a job Help in establishing and maintaining social relationships and in shaping everyday life The benefit is paid without taking income and assets into account. Insofar as the respective need can be covered by other provisions of the Social Security Codes VIII and XII, these take precedence.

According to §§ 67 to 69 of the Social Security Code XII, anyone who has fallen into particularly difficult living conditions and is unable to overcome them on their own is entitled to assistance in overcoming particular social difficulties. The particularly difficult living conditions or the social difficulties must be clearly distinguished by a particular severity from the general life crises such as unemployment, illness, partnership problems and the like. Difficult living conditions can be, for example: An insecure economic livelihood Lack of housing or inadequate housing conditions Violent living conditions release from a closed institution Comparable disadvantageous living conditions

The specialist service "Central Economic Assistance" formally belongs to Social Centre 3, but is located in the Tivoli high-rise building at the railway station.
The "assistance to overcome particular social difficulties" must be requested. The presentation of an identity card, health insurance card and / or notifications of benefits (e.g. notice of pension or unemployment benefit) is required. It is recommended to consult the relevant authorities in this regard. Benefits are paid from the date of application.